A Guide To Sesame Place

Sesame Place is located in Langhorne, PA right outside of Philadelphia, PA. It is a children’s theme park and water park based around the character’s and locations of Sesame Street. The park is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment and opened on July 30, 1980.

It is the first park in the world to become a certified autism center. You can trust the members here to know how to deal with someone with autism. You can view there website for more information.

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Now Sesame Place is not a huge park. It sits on 14 acres but has 27 attractions including 2 roller coasters and 9 water rides. This is the perfect park to start kids off in. It’s not so big that you have to wait in long lines for short ride times. Most rides here are little versions of some of the most popular rides at other theme parks. Don’t worry most rides are big enough for you too.

Dry Rides

Sesame Place is kind of known as a water park. But since it is a park in the Northeast the water rides can only be open for about 3 months out of the year (June, July, August). The rest of the time (April, May, September, October, November, December) the “dry” rides are the only ones open.

Young kids will just love some of these rides. My daughter loves the Vapor Trail a steel roller coaster and Oscar’s Wacky Taxi a wooden roller coaster. Both of these roller coasters are thrilling for the little ones but mom’s and dad’s who aren’t fans of roller coasters will enjoy them as well.

The Monster’s Club house is another kids favorite. The 3 story net climbing club house is a great time to get some extra energy out. While it’s not as good or challenging as the old net climb, it is still fun for both kids young and old.

Flyin’ Fish (Dumbo Clone), Elmo’s Cloud Chaser (Sky Chair), Honker Dinger Derby (scrambler style), Monster Mix Up (tea cups) are all mini versions of popular theme park attractions. Most of these attractions your kids can ride by themselves if they are 42 inches or taller.

Sesame Place, flyin' fish, rides, elmo's world
Flyin’ Fish
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Water Rides

If you have ever been around the park, there is no doubt that you have seen the giant 8 foot rubber duckie. I like to say that the rubber duckie is no the center piece for the park (every since they removed the giant Big Bird Steps). The rubber duckie sits atop of the super popular Sky splash ride.

Climb aboard a large raft that fits up to 6 people and get ready to fly down to the bottom. This attraction is over 6 stories tall. It’s a great way to cool off in the hot summer sun.


Another great way to cool off in the Pennsylvania sun is Big Bird’s Rambling River. This is another super popular water ride at Sesame Place. The lazy river ride will easily become your favorite ride too.  This has been my favorite ride when I was a kid, a teen working here and as an adult taking my daughter here. There is nothing more relaxing than floating in an inner tube getting sprayed by twiddle bugs.

Now the Count’s Splash Castle is a fun little area for the kids. Not so much for us adults. It always seems like the water here is always a little on the chilly side. Even in the middle of July with the temps being in the upper 90’s. There are a couple of small water slides here for kids who aren’t tall enough yet to do the bigger water slides.

Splash Castle, Sesame Place, Water Ride,

The highlight here is the 1,000 gallon bucket. When it is getting ready to tip over you will here the Count, counting down (when it is synced up). There always seems to be that one person that just so happens to walk by not realizing a ton of water is pouring out. Be prepared to get soaked while walking around the Splash Castle.

You will also find a few tube and body slides around. Just note that on the tube and body slides you can not have any footwear on. Water shoes are not allowed. But I do highly recommend them for the rest of the park as the pavement gets HOTT.

water slide, Sesame Place, tube, fun,


How could you have a park based around Sesame Street without some shows? Currently you can watch Elmo the Musical Live and The Magic of Art. Both are great shows for little kids. They are fun and catchy and just an all-around good family fun.

Make sure when you are there to catch the all new (2019) Our Street is Sesame Street featuring the Muppet’s from Sesame Street show. Boy wasn’t that a mouth full. But it is a cute little show that happens a few times a day right at the all new Sesame Street Area.

Also be on the lookout for the parade. The Neighborhood Street  Party Parade is your chance to see all the Sesame Street Characters going down sesame street. See Big Bird, Oscar, Cookie Monster and everyone else as they party it up and down Sesame Street.   


Meet and Greets

How can you go to a theme park nowadays and not have any meet and greets. Don’t worry you will be able to have your meet and greets here as well. Come get your picture taken with the Count, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and others. You never know when they will pop up for your photo op.

If standing outside meeting characters is not your thing, maybe you should check out Dine with Elmo and Friends. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Grover. Enjoy a kid friendly meal while seeing all your favorites from Sesame Street. Breakfast is $27.00 for ages 10 and up and $11.00 for ages 2-9. Lunch and Dinner is $32.00 and $13.00.

Sesame Place, Sesame Street, Dine with Elmo and Friends


Sesame Place, Sesame Street, Pretzel,

The food at Sesame Place is nothing to write home about. It never has been, but they are picking up their game with some new options. While the food is good, it is just not spectacular. To be fair though, what SeaWorld or Busch Gardens theme park is known for their food? I was just in SeaWorld Orlando last year and don’t remember the food being great or bad. So it must of just been middle of the road.

I can say that my daughter and I do really enjoy the chicken tenders and fries. I believe these are the same ones you will find at most theme parks but we really enjoy them.

One thing that is good and I know a few people who claim this is the best around, is the popcorn. I know a few people who will swing in once a week to refill their refillable popcorn bucket. So at least they do have that going for them.

There are a few restaurants offer indoor seating. There are also plenty of tables all around the park where you can sit down and eat dinner. While the food really isn’t anything to write home about they are starting to improve.

You can look at this like a bonus. When you older a kids meal you get it on a sesame place plate and cup with a lid. Both are yours to keep.



There are a few different shops set up around Sesame Place. The biggest shop Mr. Hooper’s Emporium, has all the Sesame Street gear you could think of.

Fans of stuffed animals will just love what they have going on in here. They even have Oscars worm. The stuffed animals range from small sized to large.

You will also be able to find Sesame Street themed t-shirts, key chains, bracelets and much more. If you forget your swim trunks, water shoes, sunscreen, towels they also do sell them here as well. Be sure to remember a good pair of water shoes. Like I stated early the ground gets very hot and I wouldn’t want to walk around barefooted. I have a link for good water shoes right here.

Capes, Capes and More Capes

Right now they have a lot of the 50th anniversary merchandise out. Plenty of T-shirts, Mugs, backpacks and much more.


For the past few years Sesame Place has started staying open for later into the year. September and October they have The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular. It is Sesame Places Halloween party. The water slides get closed down and the hay gets put up. During this time of year your kids can dress up in their costumes and go trick or treating at the park. While the water rides are closed (too cold) all other rides are up and running.

Sesame Place, A very Furry Christmas, Big Bird, Elmo

The end of November and December brings A Very Furry Christmas to Sesame Place. Go for a spin on the vapor trail than grab a cup of hot chocolate. You can also have a visit with Santa Clause and see his favorite reindeer. Who is that you ask? Well it’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and he brought friends along with him. You can also meet Clarice and Bumble.


When fall arrives and the water rides shut down. Sesame Place transforms to a wonderful place for kids to enjoy the Halloween season without being scared. All of the dry rides are still available to ride and some new mini versions are added. All of the water rides are closed.

You can enjoy some unique treats like special cupcakes and kettle corn.

Have the little ones dress up in their favorite costumes for a little trick or treating. No worries mom. Their is no candy handed out. Instead you get some “healthier” candy.

Just look for the Trick or Treat Stations scattered around the park.

Be sure to bring a bag with you. You won’t be getting a lot of candy but you still don’t want to have to carry it around with you. They do have a good deal on the bags at the park thought. They are around $2 if you forgot to bring your own.

If you like to get your picture taken with the characters. This is a great time to do it. They are in special costumes for the Holiday. Look at the times guide for when they will be showing up.

There are a few other activities to do as well. Do the scarecrow scavenger hunt. Find the scarecrows around the park and count the number of crows on each one. Once done turn it in for a special prize.

You can also decorate a pumpkin. For a small fee you can pick and decorate a pumpkin to bring home.



The Holidays are a great time to visit Sesame Place. The park is less crowded and the rides are still open. Plus you can meet Rudolph, Clarice and Bumble.

Walk around at dusk with some hot chocolate and enjoy the lights and decorations set up all around the park. Keep warm by hanging out by the heaters set up all around the park and again the Tree Lighting every night.

It’s nice to see the park open even in December. When I was a kid and even when I worked here the park was only open until September. It’s great that they remain open for the holidays.

Christmas has got to be one of the nicest times to visit Sesame Place. They do a nice little parade and holiday themed shows. The characters are all dressed up in winter gear. Plus most of the rides are still open with very little wait times. Many are a walk on with no wait as long as you don’t mind the cold.


Well there you have it. While Sesame Place is no Disney park it is a perfect first time theme park for kids. The rides are all geared towards the little ones. There are plenty of character meet and greets happening up and down Sesame Street all day long. Be sure to also check out the parade that is held each day.

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