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Crayola Factory and the Delaware Canal

So what seems like most Sundays for the past six months we woke up to gloomy, rainy skies. Of course we won’t let that stop us from having a good day together. So we jump in the car and took a drive to Easton, PA to go to the Crayola Factory (The most colorful place on earth?).

The drive up was uneventful which is a good thing but I was able to spot places I’ve never seen before and I took note. Since the weather wasn’t very nice and it wasn’t really warm we didn’t bother exploring the city today. We will leave that for a future trip.

Crayon walk way between the parking garage and the Crayon Factory

We crossed a neat walkway, not of flat white lines but of crayons that take you right to one of the two entrances of the Crayola Factory. The building is a vibrant yellow with the mascot all around it. Fun Fact: the mascots name is Crayola Tip.

The top of the factory has a huge box of crayons spilling out. I think it’s a nice little touch to let you know where you out if you didn’t park in the lot across the street.

Once you get inside they give you two coins for each person in your party that can be used to customize a wrapper on many different crayon colors. You can even get markers. Sadly though, they cannot be customized.

Once you leave the Wrap It Up! section there is still plenty more to explore. There are 4 floors in total with a wide range of activities to do from wrapping your own crayon, an 85 foot water table, drip art and even an indoor playground.

Doing the floss under spilling paint

They have many tables set up for you to color pictures. Today they had an Octopus to color.

However, our favorite thing to do today was the drip art on the 4th floor. It was pretty neat watching the melted crayons drip and spin around. The best part about it? It’s free.

You can even make a melted crayon car or ring.

After we were done with the arts and crafts portion of our day we went down along the Delaware Canal to see if there were any cool photos to take.

The Delaware Canal runs from Easton, PA all the way down to Bristol, PA along side of the Delaware River. There are many parks along the route and we stopped at a few on this day.

Start of the trail and this way to Bristol.

What started off as just taking some photos for the blog and for stock soon turned into a little photo shoot with my little girl. Not sure where she came up with the ideas but she had a few in mind that she thought would look cute.

She always loves posing with an umbrella. I think that is because it always seems to be raining when we can go out and take photos.

I did manage to get a few photos down along the canal. She would try to help point me in areas that she found interesting. Every time we go out I try to teach her a thing or two.

She liked looking through the chain link fence

Spending time with your kids is the most important thing in your life and in there’s. Teaching them something new everyday is also important. I like to teach her a little about photography because I feel it puts the world in a different view. It also helps teach them problem solving. How else are you going to figure out how to get the shot?

Here is a few more of the photos I took on this day. While they are mostly okay the cloudy skies helped make it easier for a light stand point. Not so much for an interesting sky though.

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