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5 Photoshop Tutorials you need to learn

Here you go, a quick list of photoshop tutorials all in one place. I have found these videos helpful and easy to follow. There are only five to start but if you are just learning five is more than enough.

So enough from me here we go with the list.

Blur the background.

The channel photoshopcafe has a few good tutorials. One I am going to highlight is the one called incredible hidden way to blur background in photoshop. It helps blur your background. So imagine you took a photo from your phone but you want that nice blurred in the background. His tutorial will help with that.

Pencil Drawings

This is a pretty cool tutorial on how to make your photos look like Pencil drawings. Maybe not for a beginner just starting out but it gives you an idea on how you can shot a subject and apply this effect. The photoshop training channel did a great job on 5 EASY Steps to Create a REALISTIC Line Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop.

Removing anything from your photos

This tutorial teaches you how to remove anything from your photos. The youtube channel PHLEARN does a great job on showing how to achieve this in there video titled How to remove anything from a photo in photoshop.

Make your background transparent

In this tutorial from Pixel & Bracket they show you a few different tips. Not only do they show you have to make a background transparent for your logos they also show you how to adjust the colors in your logo in there video titled How to Remove White Background from Logo or Image | Photoshop CC Tutorial.

Replacing the sky

In this video PiXimperfect shows you how to easily replace the sky in your photos. Watch both examples because he offers some great tips.

These tutorials are just the beginning. They are hundreds more out there that dive deeper into the world of photoshop. Hope you found some of them helpful. Comment down below and tell me who’s tutorials you like to watch and learn from.

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