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10 things every beginner needs when getting started in Photography

Photography is an amazing hobby that can bring you a lot of joy. It can get you out in nature or exploring your hometown or a nearby major city. The possibilities are endless. The experiences are never ending.

If you are a beginner just starting out in photography or thinking about getting into it. There are a few easy and simple things you need to do. Below you will find the 10 things every beginner needs to get started in photography. 

Sure you can skip out on some of the suggestions below. However, if you follow and get all ten it will help you out on your journey. Remember photography is supposed to be fun. So go out there and shoot. 

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This kind of goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway. If you want to get started in photography you need to have an interest in photography. Now I am not saying you need or want to have an interest in starting a photography business. That’s a completely different topic.

But if you don’t have an interest in Photography why would you start learning it? You wouldn’t learn how to code unless you had an interest in it right? The same goes for photography. 

Don’t worry there are many different styles of photography to learn and practice. Everything from landscape to portrait to Astro and even food. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the different styles you can practice and try to master. 


Once you have an interest in learning photography you need to get yourself a camera. Chances are you’ve been taking photos with your phone for a while but want more control and better quality images. A DSLR or Mirrorless camera will help you improve the quality of photos you take.

Just remember it’s not the camera that takes the better images it is the photographer. Look at it this way. Two people can have the same skill set when it comes to photography. Both can be complete beginners but one buys a Canon 5D Mark IV (just the camera body)for around $2,500 and the other can buy a Canon Rebel T7i with a kit lens for around $450. 

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera:

You would think that the person who bought the more expensive camera would take better photos. However, that is not true. Chances are they would both take the same quality of images. 

The point is that it doesn’t matter how expensive the camera is. It is the photographer behind the camera that makes the photos good or bad.  


While the kit lens (the lens that comes with your camera) isn’t bad it isn’t great either. It will definitely work for you in the beginning but after a few weeks or months, you will want to get something a little better. My first camera cost around $350 when I bought it years ago. 

The first lens I brought cost over $500. It took me a long time to want to buy a different lens because I didn’t want to spend more on the glass than I did on the camera. Turns out I should have made that move a year or two earlier. 

Memory Cards

Without a memory card, you would have no photos. Memory cards are so cheap nowadays that you should get at least two. I usually have a 64 GB card but the 128 GB card also works with most new cameras. 

The more space you have is usually better. Just make sure you are buying quality cards. Nothing like buying “cheap” memory cards only for them to get corrupt and losing all your photos. 


A cell phone is so useful for the modern photographer. You can download apps like Lightroom or Snapseed to edit your photos while you’re on the go. Check out the sun and moon rise and set times. 

Your phone will also come in handy when in a new location. You can search on google maps for interesting and unique places that are nearby. You can even find apps that give you the times of the golden hour and can even show you when the sun will be setting for that day. 

Having a phone with you is one of the best things you can do. Not only are there tons of helpful apps. If you are stuck with a question on how to do something you can always come to and look for the answer. It might be here.


You could use your phone and download editing software on to that. I use Lightroom on my phone when I am out and about. But if I really want to get into a photo and make an epic edit I have to do it on my PC. 

If you are doing things right you should be shooting your photos in RAW. You won’t be able to post RAW images to Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform without converting it to JPEG. Sure you could shoot in JPEG but you lose a lot of information in your photos. RAW images hold all that information but need to be processed in a program like Lightroom. 


Don’t think you need a Tripod when you are starting out? Think again. Having a tripod is the single most important piece of gear to own besides the camera and lens. 

Need more info on why a tripod is so important? Check out our recent post on 10 reasons why you need a tripod. Just about every photography style you would be checking out can benefit from the use of a tripod. 


Getting started in photography takes a lot of time. Like a lot. You will need to be out taking photos as much as you can if you want to get better. But there is good news. 

Since this is something you are interested in, it won’t be hard to spend the time out there snapping away. The only problem might be finding the time to do it. 


While having different filters isn’t a deal-breaker. They can help depending on what style of photography you decide to focus on. Having a set of ND filters is helpful if you can only get out during the middle of the day to take landscape photos. 

Another useful filter to have is a CPL filter. But there are many others to choose from. Like a UV filter. While in the digital age you don’t really need one. It does help protect the expensive glass you have on your camera. 


A photographer is always learning. It never stops. We also try different techniques to find the best one that suits us. Picking up a book about photography can always help. Read it while on break at work or waiting for the train.

Knowledge is power and that statement is true when it comes to learning photography. You can improve your knowledge by reading some of our other photography articles or search the web or YouTube. The more knowledge you have in photography the better off you will be. 

Getting started in photography shouldn’t be hard. As you can see from our list of ten things to get you started nothing is hard. It takes interest, time, and money. If you have the time and interest you can get started with just your phone. The money helps you buy the needed equipment. 

Are you thinking about getting into photography or just starting out? Check out our post about Photography terms you need to know. Or check out our photography starting guide. Photography is a fun hobby that can get you back out in nature and exploring the world around you from many different angles. 

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