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Seven Places to visit in Winter on the East Coast

When you think of winter I bet travel doesn’t really cross your mind unless it is to go somewhere it’s warm. While a visit to the Islands is never a bad idea. There are plenty of great places along the East Coast you can visit this and every winter. 

From snow-filled mountains to sunny beaches. The East Coast doesn’t lack fun and exciting places to visit. In some places, you will need to back the snowsuit while in others you can pack the swimsuit. 

From Maine to Florida you can find so many wonderful places to visit any time of year. Today we are going to look at places that are fun to visit in the winter. Maybe it’s a major city that is less busy but still fun. Or a sunny warm location that us Northerns like to flock to in the colder months. Or maybe it’s a place that looks beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow. Below you will find seven amazing places to visit on the East Coast in the winter months. 

Niagara Falls

Frozen water fall

You might not think that a visit to Niagara Falls is a great place to visit in the winter. You might be right. However, if you are brave enough to visit in the winter months you will be rewarded with a sight very few people get to see. 

Everything around the falls is covered in ice. This makes everything so beautiful but also very dangerous. The trees, the streets, even the cars are covered in ice. In some spots, the ice is an inch thick or more. 

While a visit to Niagara Falls in New York is a wonderful place to visit in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. A visit in the winter months is a unique visit that many of your friends and family will never get to experience. That is until you tell them how amazing it is and they want to check it out for themselves. 

Coastal New England

Snow covered Lighthouse in New England

Winter is a wonderful time to visit coastal New England. From Connecticut to Maine there are miles and miles of beautiful coastline to explore. One of the most amazing sites to see is a blanket of the white stuff surrounding a lighthouse.

It makes for epic photos that tell an amazing store. One thing we always say is that travel and photography go hand and hand. Visiting Coastal New England is no different. 

two benches covered in snow over looking the water

Maybe take an epic road trip along the coast and photograph all the lighthouses you see. Some are closed for the winter so you won’t be able to go inside. However, that shouldn’t stop you from snapping a few photos of them.

Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania is a great place to visit in the winter. Of course, there are plenty of places along the East Coast where you can go skiing. I am a little bias and just have always gone here. 

Skier skiing down a snow covered mountain

It is a wonderful location that is close to New York City and Philadelphia which makes it the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Just give yourself plenty of time to travel. After all, you are going to be traveling in the mountains in the winter and there’s a good chance the roads might have snow on them. 

If skiing isn’t your thing and your family enjoys the water more don’t overlook Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. This indoor waterpark is sure to suit all your needs. I know plenty of families from the Philadelphia area that visit Great Wolf at least once every winter. 

Washington, DC

National Mall in Washington DC in Winter covered in snow

There is just something about visiting DC. I love visiting the Nations Capital whenever I get the chance to. However, I really enjoy visiting in the Winter. The low crowds really appeal to me.

Now, if you visit around Christmas time you will get some crowds but also a nice little treat. The National Christmas tree is on display in December and it usually brings people from all around the East Coast to see. 

If you are lucky you will get to visit when it snows. Seeing snow on the National Mall is something else. It’s not a common thing by any means. DC on average gets around 15 inches of snow per year and it usually falls in January and February. I myself am planning on doing a trip this year just to catch some snow on the monuments around the city. 

New England

Snow covered trees

There is just something about Winter in New England. The snow-covered fields. Feet upon feet of snow blanketing the landscape. Kids and dogs playing in the fresh snow. It’s just a wonderful sight to see. 

Acadia National Park is the Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast and a visit here you will quickly agree. Now plan your trip very well when arriving between November and April as many of the roads will be closed due to snow and ice. However, that is one of the reasons to visit this area in the winter. 

snowy landscape in New England

Some breath taken views can be found here in the wintertime. But not only at Acadia National Park. All over New England and definitely in Maine. If the conditions are right you might get lucky and catch the Northern Lights. It is rare but it does happen. 

Key West

Who doesn’t want to visit Key West, Florida? People from around the country visit Key West year-round but the perfect time to go is in winter. Who doesn’t want to escape the cold for a week and head down to the sunny beaches of Florida? I know I do. 

Beach in Key West

So why is winter the perfect time to visit Key West? For one, you have a very little threat of a tropical storm hitting why you visit. The other is temperature. It is beautiful year-round here but the summers can get a little hot. In winter, it’s just right. 

Everything is open just like it is in the summer plus the crowds are much lighter so you can enjoy more things in the same amount of time. Prices for hotels are also cheaper this time of year compared to the middle of summer. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

There are not many truly epic places along the East Coast when it comes to Mountains. Sure there are plenty of mountain ranges along the East Coast but none that other the epic views like the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

mountains covered in snow

In winter many of the roads are closed up and around the mountain ranges but the ones that are open leave you with some spectacular views. No need to travel when a winter storm is approaching or already raging. No one will be traveling up those mountains anytime soon so the untouched snow will still be there for you to enjoy. 

Just be sure to pack warm clothes and a good pair of gloves. Also, read our post all about Winter Photography Tips. You will want to follow these tips when our photographing these amazing mountain ranges.

The East Coast of the United States is filled with amazing places to visit in the winter months. This was just a small sample of Seven of the very best places to visit this coming winter. If you can get out and explore these are the places you should be visiting. I know I will be visiting some of these locations this winter. How about you?

Have you visited any of these locations in the winter? How did you like them? Have you visited them at other times of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

We are planning and doing a part two to this list in the coming weeks so make sure you are following us on social media. All of our post are shared on our Facebook page and of course we pin it on Pinterest. We hope to see you there.

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