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Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the shopping, entertainment, and restaurant complex at Walt Disney World that has been around since 1975. Of course it wasn’t always called Disney Springs. Many of use remember it as Downtown Disney but even before it was called that it was know as Disney Village Marketplace. It is nice to see that everything around Walt Disney World goes through changes as time carries on.

It is at Disney Springs that you will find some of the best restaurants for both quick service and table service. Best part is you do not need a park ticket to enjoy all that is offered at Disney Springs.

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Lets take a look at all the fun and unique things Disney Springs has to offer you on your next Disney World vacation.


Disney Springs has plenty of different store to shop at that will fit just about anyone’s taste. There are over 100 different stores to shop at. Of course it wouldn’t be Walt Disney World or Disney Springs without a Disney Store.

This isn’t just any Disney Store. The World of Disney has got to be the BIGGEST Disney Store in the world. They have just about anything Disney related you could want.

World of Disney @ Disney Springs

You will find many things inside the World of Disney store that you can find in the parks. Helpful if you forgot something and wanted to pick it up before you left.


Other places to shop at are Uniqlo, Under Armour, Star Wars Trading Post, Pin Traders, The Art of Shaving, Coca-Cola Store, Mickey’s Pantry, Once upon a Toy and many, many others.

One place other than the Disney store that many kids and adults love is the Lego Store. Hundreds of bricks to pick from when trying to fill a cup up with loose Lego bricks. Many different sets to chose from as well. More choices than your local Target or Walmart or even the Lego Store near you. Plus all of the different Disney Movie scene’s made out of Lego’s.

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Goofy’s Candy Company. I always seem to have several snack credits left towards the end of my trip. So I like to go to Goofy’s at Disney Springs and get cookies, cake pops or bags of candy for my trip home. They also make great gifts for friends and family.


Disney Spring is home to some of the best restaurants in all of Disney World. Many delicious places to pick from. Disney Springs is home to over 50 different dining options.

Most of the restaurants do take the Disney Dining Plan (for info about the dining plans click here). They have great places to take the kids like T-Rex or Rainforest Cafe. Places like WolfGang Puck Bar & Grill or Paradiso 37 which are perfect for a date night without the kids.

Disney Springs is also the location where you will find Deluxe Burger. Deluxe Burger is the only quick service location where you can get your burger cooked the way you want and not well done. The Burgers are fantastic.

Just be aware that when using the Dining Plan that fries DO NOT come with the meal and that you would have to use a snack credit for fries. Of course you could always borrow/ steal some fries of your child’s kids meal. Deluxe Burger also makes some delicious shakes. Just know that you can get a burger and a shake for one quick service credit.

S more’s shake at Deluxe Burger

One of my favorite places to eat at while I am walking around Disney Springs has got to be Chicken Guy. While it is not the best value when using a quick service credit, the chicken fingers and sauces are some of the best out there.

Try the loaded fries if you go. It is fries smothered in SMC (Super Melty Cheese), bacon, green onions and chopped up chicken. If ordering chicken fingers be prepared to be overloaded in choice of sauce. You can pick from 22 different flavors.

The last place I would like to touch on is The Polite Pig. This place has that sweet smoky smell to it when you get close. The BBQ is amazing and is a great value when choosing places to use your quick service credits on.

Brisket Platter at Polite Pig


Ever wondered what to while it is raining all day at Disney? Head over to Disney Springs. They have a movie theater and bowling alley.

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Not only can you watch a movie at this AMC theater. You can also enjoy a meal with your movie. Not many places are you able to do that at.


If you are feeling the need to be a little more active check out Splitsville. Go bowling while enjoying a bite to eat. Choices here are pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads and even Sushi.

You can catch live music at places like Paradiso 37 or the Edison. Be on the lookout at the main stage for live family friendly music as well. The Main stage is located right near the World of Disney store.

For those who love cars and water, head over to the BoatHouse. Take a tour of Lake Buena Vista in a Amphicar. There is not many places where you can ride in one of these beautiful cars. Or fly high in the sky in hot air balloon. It will take you 400 feet up in the air and give you an interesting view of WDW.

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Disney Springs is a great place to do a little shopping or grab a bite to eat. It is also a great place to go on your arrival day. For more ideas on what to do on your arrival day check out this post.

What do you think of the food at Disney Springs? Do you think it is some of the best you can get around Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow kozmophotos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. By following kozmophotos you will be the first to know when a new post is up.


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