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LBI: Jersey’s best shore towns?

Long Beach Island or LBI as it is know to locals is a barrier island located in New Jersey. When looking on a map it is about the central point of all the beach towns along the Jersey Coast. LBI is located just north of Atlantic City and just south of Island Beach State Park. LBI can be easily reached by boat.

The island is around 101 miles south of New York City. So that is roughly an hour and a half drive from NYC if you are familiar with the driving habits of NYC residents and Jersey Drivers. (Go, Go, Go Speed Racer). If coming from the east, LBI is 61 miles from Philadelphia. You will have to drive through the Jersey Pine Barrens. Just don’t stop or the Jersey Devil might get you.

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LBI is more of a locals kind of shore town. Long Beach Island does not have a boardwalk like many other Jersey shore towns. It barely has a night life with only a handful of bars, making this the perfect town for families. That’s what you will find here. Lots of families.

For most it is a tradition. It is where you went as a kid. It’s where your parents went as a kid. Many of the locations people go down to the shore too are from when they were younger. They went their as kids and now take there kids to the same spot they grow up and loved.

Nowadays many area residents are picking up two different shore towns. One where your father went as a kid and one that your mother went to as a kid. LBI is a great place to go as a kid.

The beach is not far from where ever you are staying or even park the car on a weekend. The Island is only a few blocks wide. It is only about half a mile wide at its widest. From the bay to the ocean is probably a shorter walk than from the Wildwood boardwalk to the ocean.

While it does lack a boardwalk it does make up in other fun shore activities. Since the island is only about 18 miles long and no more than a half mile wide, there is a lot of family fun packed in.

Off on the bay side you can find many spots to fish and crab. There are several piers that go out into the bay making for excellent crabbing and fishing locations. If you need bait, traps or even fishing poles stop in Surf City bait and Tackle.

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This year as with most years they have a week long contest for kids. The child with the biggest crab wins a prize. Even if your child didn’t catch the biggest crab they still win a prize (small hand line). If you have never been crabbing it is a great way to spend some time outdoors near the water and maybe you’ll get lucky and catch enough for dinner.

Beside fishing and crabbing you can find a few different places to rent boats, kayaks, and jet skies. Who doesn’t want to be on the water on a hot summer day? I know I want to be out in the water. Maybe even find a nice spot to stop off at and jump in for a little swim.

If you have your own boat, that is even better. There are a few ramps around LBI that you can launch your boat. Like I said earlier, AC is just south of Long Beach Island and can easily be reached by boat. Just head north and out the inlet by the Barnegat Lighthouse to the ocean or south through the bays.

If boating isn’t your thing and your more of a land lover check out the islands many mini golf locations. I don’t know if I can think of a better family friendly activity than a round of mini golf. You will find no shortage of miniature golf locations around LBI. Also be sure to stop and check out Ron Jon Surf Shop. If you forgot something for your beach day, there is a good chance Ron Jon has it in stock.

Now, no visit to a shore town is complete without hitting up a seafood joint for the fresh catch. Beach Haven Fishery is a great place to swing on by and get some delicious seafood. Everything from tuna to swordfish to Lobster and King Crab Legs. If you are having a taste for it. There’s a good chance it’s on the menu.

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You will find plenty of parking in the lot. Inside there is a nice seaside atmosphere. Many of the fish mounted on the walls you will also find on the menu. While you wait, see if your kids can figure out what type of fish are hanging on the walls.

You will also find plenty of seating. Both inside and out. On a hot summer day the ac is cranking and it feels so nice inside. Another interesting thing to check out while you wait for you food to be ready. Check out how high the water came up during Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.

You may be surprised to see how high the water went during the storm. High enough to cover your kids and probably at least waist high on you. It truly is amazing what power mother nature has that we take for granted everyday.

Once you are done eating check out the attached fish market. You can find just about anything you want to take home with you. You could even pass it off that you caught it while fishing (if that’s your thing). The prices are fair for the quality you are getting.

After you spend all day on the beach soaking up the sun and surf. Head north up to Barnegat Lighthouse state park. In the summer time they are open from 8 to 8. It is one of the few remaining lighthouse in New Jersey.

The Barnegat Lighthouse is 163 feet tall about 5 1/2 feet taller than the Cape May Lighthouse. As with any good light house you can see it from a good distance away. When you picture a lighthouse in your head. It’s a good bet this style of lighthouse is what pops up.

While the Barnegat Lighthouse state park is not a huge park. It offers some pretty stunning views of the inlet. If you like boats, you could spend hours just watching them come and go from the inlet. You will see boats of all different shapes and sizes moving along in the waterway.

If it’s not too hot out (was 90 plus the day I went) take a walk up the stairs. If you do, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Just be sure to bring your camera with you. You are going to want to get at least a few photos. Who knows you might even see Chris Christie relaxing on the nearby beaches of Island Beach State Park.

While this may not be the most popular Jersey shore location. Or even a famous location like Asbury Park or Seaside Heights (made famous from MTV’s Jersey Shore TV show). This is a quite beach town that has a lot of family friendly entertainment and beautiful beaches.

If you are unsure of where to go in New Jersey. Or even want to try somewhere new. Give LBI a look. I am sure you will be impressed.

Let us know in the comments below if you too think that LBI is one of the best Jersey shore beach towns? Or tell us why you think it is not. If you haven’t already be sure follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest at KozmoPhotos. It will help you stay up to date with all the latest post, news and photos. We post 2 to 3 times a week on travel ideas and locations within PA, NYC and Washington, DC and places in between. We also put out a lot of articles on Walt Disney World. Hope to see you soon.


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