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Fun times down at the Wharf

Today we went down to the Bristol Wharf located in Bristol Borough in Bucks County, PA. We went to enjoy the first weekend of spring. While it is still March, it was a very nice day out with temps in the upper 50’s and a light breeze.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. It was the perfect day to take a walk. Or do a little roller skating. There were even people out walking dogs and catching Pokemon at the same time. And of course a few photographers taken in all the sights to see.


Bristol Borough is located along the Delaware river across from Burlington, NJ. It is located about twenty-three miles from center city Philadelphia in Bucks County PA.

Bristol was founded in 1681. While a lot has changed since then it still has that small town feel. After all less than 10,000 people live there today.

There are many different shops to check out along Mill st. They have antique shops, jewelry stores and a few places to grab food. Check out the mill street cantina for a taco. You can even check out America’s oldest Inn, the King George II Inn. It’s also nice just to take a walk down and take in the small town feel.

Today we decided to strap on some roller skates and take a quick spin around and of course stop for some poses. It was quite busy today but not to the point of were you can’t walk. Remember it can be busy on the weekends and in the warmer months when the schools are out and the boats are docked.

But today was just fine. She was able to make her way around the others enjoying the park. There was also plenty of parking. Just know that it is a flood zone down along the river.

So watch out where you park after a heavy rain when the tides coming in. After a heavy rain the river will flow into the parking lot. Make sure that you pay attention to the signs. They are there for a reason.

We then traded in the skates for a pair of sneakers and took a little walk around. There were people out just enjoying the day. Some were out walking there dogs. Others fishing and kayaking. Even a couple enjoying a quick bite to eat along one of the many benches.

One of my daughters favorite thing to down while down at the wharf is to try her hand at skipping rocks. Lets just say… well she tries. One day I know she will finally get one to skip. Till then she just enjoys looking at the water coming in and tossing some rocks.

After we were done tossing some rocks we went for a walk on the pier. The pier is a newer addition to the wharf. It was completed and opened in 2017. In the summer months you can spot boats docked at one of the two floating piers.

This pier is also a great location for some sunset photos. One of my personal favorites was taken here. I think the docks make an interesting foreground subject.

After a visit to the pier we walked up pass the Inn and went down Radcliffe street, to check out the coca-cola picture.

At first she didn’t think it was real. Not sure what she thought it was but… anyway. I let her have my camera for a minute cause she wanted to take a picture. I think it is important for her to learn photography cause I feel it helps let you look at the world differently.

To busy looking at my phone instead of the camera.

Another great thing about this area is all the different back drops you can have for photos. While we were down here today we saw a couple getting some engagement photos done. And if you are lucky you might even catch the bald eagle that is located right across the river.

There are plenty of things for the photographer in all of us to enjoy. If you visit try a little street photography or even landscape photography. Between the shops on Mill St. and the wharf you have plenty of different styles to chose from.

If you are interested in learning about different photography styles check out my other post here. I hope that this little blog has peeked your interest to visit this nice little town. Until we meet again remember life’s a journey, enjoy the photographs.

A sign the warm weather is right around the corner.
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