Rain and Photography

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As I sit here on a gloomy Sunday with the gray sky and rain drops falling. Knowing that any image I take today will look a little flat. I ask myself why does it always want to rain when I have the urge to go create something. But as I sit and think something pops into my head. “It can’t rain all the time”.

That’s a quote from the movie The Crow. And you know what…. It’s true. It can’t rain all the time. While it seems to me that most of the time when I go out to take photos it does seem to rain. It has on many occasions, not rained at all and we have had clear blue skies.

Now I never let the rain get me down. I will still go out to different cities that I planned to go to. I may not go out to local areas but If I was planning a day trip somewhere I am still going as long as it’s not pouring.

Now I feel like you can still get some pretty good shots in the rain or even crappy weather. One of my personal favorite shots took place a day after a rainstorm and only an hour or two before heavy fog.

On a recent trip in the fall to Bushkill Falls it was about 50 degrees and cloudy. It poured the day before so it really made the waterfalls interesting with all the rushing muddy water. Little did we know they were calling for fog. Because of the weather it wasn’t very busy. It turned out to be a good little trip and we didn’t really come across too many people. Maybe 50 or so in the 4 hours we spent there.

That is one good thing about cloudy and rainy days. Besides the light being much more even and not having areas of harsh lighting. It is much easier to get an evenly light scene. Another bonus of crappy weather days…. Less people. That’s right depending on where you are going there will be less people around.

I also took a trip to DC in the summertime during less than ideal weather. I knew it was going to rain all day but it looked like it was only going to be light. My daughter and I have been wanting to go for a while so we packed a poncho and umbrella and heading down. Many of the places we visited were not busy at all. We have been there other times when it felt like New York City. Being shoulder to shoulder with people as you walk all over. This day most people probably just stayed home because of the weather. While the temp wasn’t bad (70’s I think), it did drizzle on us most of the day.

While rainy weather is not ideal to take pictures in. Sometimes that type of weather can let you see and do more since you aren’t dealing with the heavy crowds. And you get that added bonus of soft light.

Now, if you live close enough to the location you can also get shots with a different mood. Last year I went to the 2018 Sail Philadelphia event in May. I went on two different days. One day was sunny and warm. The other was cold, damp, and rainy. Since it was close and only for that weekend, I had to go no matter what the weather was like if I wanted to get any photos.

No matter what the weather is going to be like. As long as you will be safe with no risk of injury. Go out and take those photos. Grab the umbrella and poncho. Pull up the rain boots. Put you hair back and get to snapping. You’ll end up doing photos you never would think about. Like doing a little Mary Poppins inspired one.

If you enjoy taking photos like me than the weather won’t stop you. Even if you take a week long trip to Florida in the summer time. You know it’s going to rain every day. But you also know it will only last an hour or two. Besides don’t let the weather discourage you. Heck stormy summer weather can make your photos turn out really good. Like this photo from Unsplash by Jeremy Bishop. Don’t let the weather effect your trips. You might get a little soggy but the photos should be worth it. Even if its only for your enjoyment.

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