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5 things to buy once you purchase a camera for under $110 TOTAL

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So you bought your first DSLR camera and now you are wondering what to buy next. With so much gear out there it can be very overwhelming. Also very expansive. Below you will find my picks for the first 5 things you should buy after your camera.


Getting a camera bag like the Large Amazonbasic gadget bag will help you store your new camera and lenses as well as the other gear that is listed below. The bag from amazon will also only cost you under $25.

Check out my post here on which camera bag to use.


No matter what type of photography you decide to do you will need a tripod. There are many out there on the market. The prices range from $15 for a basic tripod like the 50inch tripod from Amazon to over $150. Lately I’ve been rocking the JOBY GorillaPod.

my GorillaPod in use

SD Card

This one is pretty much a no brainier. You always want to have at least two on you. One in the camera the other just in case you fill up the first one or you left it at home in the computer. With the price of them being so cheap any more (under $20) for a 64GB it wouldn’t hurt picking up a few. You don’t want to be that guy who has to decide on deleting a picture of your spouse or kids in order to being able to continue snapping shots.


The next item you should pick up once you get your camera is a filter. Or even a set of filters. Since you are just starting out you don’t need to buy any high end filters. You can get cheap UV filters (most of the time for under $10) that will protect your glass from dust and scratches.

An ND Filter is also a nice thing to have in your bag. Grabbing a cheap on at first is okay. It helps you determine what kind of photographer you want to be. The ND filter helps you use longer shutter speeds in the daylight so you can get that motion blur we all love in water.

with ND Filter

Cleaning kit

The last of the five things you should buy is a cleaning kit. You will be amazed at how much dirt and dust finds your camera. A cleaning kit will help keep your camera clean and smudge free.

Buying a new camera and lenses is not cheap. Getting all the gear you need as well can ring you up hundred or even thousands of dollars. The five things I listed here if you get the cheapest items will run you under $110. Not a bad deal when you are just starting out or starting over.

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