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What Bag to pick

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One of the biggest questions you will have after getting a camera is what should you keep it in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned photographer or just walked out of the camera shop. The camera bag is one of the first pieces of gear you should get after purchasing your camera. But which one should you get. There are so many different options to choose from.

The first thing you need to decide is where are you going to be going? Down to the city? Out in the great outdoors. A theme park? Or nowhere and everywhere.

The “camera” backpack

If you are traveling from city to city going through TSA this will probably be best. The camera backpack is easy to open and see what’s inside. They have many protected pockets for bodies and lenses. Straps on the side for a tripod and an inner pocket for a laptop or tablet.

The downsides I find is it’s too one sided. Most of the time when I’m going places I’ve got baggage with me (daughter). I need a place to put some snacks or water. Also a change of socks. While there is room for some extra items it is mainly for your other camera gear.

The backpack

The backpack is ideal for traveling around a city or theme park. There are many pockets for your camera gear and other gear (towels, shoes, clothes).

However, it can be a hassle going through security.  With all the extra pockets it takes time for them to look through. It’s also not the most secure for your camera or lenses. I’ve never had an issue but I’m pretty careful when placing and removing my gear.

Gadget Bag

The gadget bag is a nice mix between the regular backpack and the camera backpack. It’s comfortable and it’s easy to get your camera out without setting the bag down. Going in and out of security is a breeze as well. Unlike the other two there is just the one main compartment.

The bag does lack any additional room for personal gear. But if you don’t want to be carrying around a backpack all day this is the bag for you. It is also much smaller than the backpacks. So it can easily sit between your legs if you are at a theme park on a ride.

I have used all three types many times over. My favorite is the classic backpack. Since I am doing mostly day trips and I am driving to the location the backpack works for me. When I travel by plane I prefer the camera backpack. As for the gadget bag, I found it to be perfect for theme parks like Disney or Universal.

Is there a bag you prefer? Or do you not even own a bag?


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