Sometimes you forget

Do you love taking photos but can’t find the time? Do you think you’re too busy with life and work and kids? Well I can tell you this one thing. Some of the best photos you will take will be of your family while you are out exploring new things.

I recently took a day trip to Philadelphia (philly). Not very surprising since I only live right out side the city. But my daughter has been “dying” to go to the Franklin Institute. So we woke up hit the turnpike and got a little breakfast before we drove into the city.

Now of course I forgot my “good” camera, but I had my phone so that was just going to have to do. Now after looking for parking for about 20 minutes or so I found a spot. Parked my car and looked around the area.

We parked right along the parkway about halfway between the Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Art museum (aka rocky steps). Sadly it was too windy and cold for her so we never ventured down to the museum (we’ll have to do it in the spring), but I was able to grab a snapshot of it.


Now as you can see… if you’re looking very closely, you will see the art museum. This would have to be the major downside of using your phone as your main or only camera. Sure you can zoom and crop to get it. But again not very good quality.

Cropped image

So we walk to the Franklin Institute, stand in line, pay our money and the first place we go to? Anybody who grow up in and around philly will tell you. THE HEART. It is truly amazing to see this thing. It’s huge and you can go inside and walk around. Now I know my daughter’s not reading any of the plaques inside but she enjoys running around it anyway.


I ended up taking a shot of the heart with my phone. It came out OK. Would never be able to sell it or even really want to post it on Instagram, but I personally kind of like it.

For me when ever I see the heart, I always remember my daughter running inside it out and waving to me from the top.

We roamed around for a couple of hours. Going from room to room. Just trying to get her to stop a second and learn a little bit as she explores all the exhibits they have to offer.


Everything from trains,


the body, space, sports, the brain.


There is just so many things to see and learn about. And so many things to take pictures of.

We ended the day with a nice cold and windy walk back to the car. I ended up taking a few more photos. One of the Parkway Central Library (which I kind of like).


One of the “this” along the Ben Franklin parkway (Not sure what it is called and couldn’t find it when I was writing this on google maps to find the name).

And just one more of the path we were walking back to the car.


Now none of the photos I took today will end up in some gallery somewhere. I’ll never make a dime off of them either. But it did get me out to take some pictures and see something’s I haven’t before. It also got me out to spend time with my favorite person.

So even though we all live very busy life’s. We spend time with our family and go places that are photo worthy. Just go out there and start snapping some pictures.

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